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AP Teachers Inter District Transfers 2021 GO, Schedule, Online Application

AP Teachers Inter District Transfers 2021 GO, Schedule, Online Application |  Inter District Mutual and Spouse Transfers 2021 G.O Copy was released vide Memo No 13029. AP Inter District Teachers Transfers Rules 2021, Guidelines, Day wise Schedule, Andhra Pradesh Inter district Online transfer application form 2021 download, A.P Teachers inter-district transfers 2021 Guidelines, Eligibility, IDT Transfers 2021 Schedule, Process and Guidelines for inter-district transfers, spouse, mutual teachers.

AP Teachers Inter District Transfers 2021 GO, Schedule, Online Application

AP Inter District Teachers Mutual Transfers and Spouse Based Transfers 2021 Memo Schedule was released by CSE AP, Amaravathi.Andhra Pradesh State Govt Teachers Inter District Transfers guidelines those who are working in Govt, ZIlla Parishad, Mandal Parishad Schools on spouse and Mutual Grounds. 
AP Teachers Inter District Transfers 2021 GO, Schedule, Online Application
Based on the requests of various AP teaches unions, framing rules / guidelines in the matter instead of calling for information on individual cases without any time limit and requested to issue necessary orders in the matter. Andhra Pradesh Government have decided to consider the pending requests for inter-district transfers as per a fixed time schedule through an online process strictly in accordance with the provisions. Based on the provisions Government, accordingly issue the following guidelines for inter-district transfers.
★ ఒక జిల్లాలో ఒక కేడర్ లో(స్కూలు లో కాదు)ది.30.06.2021 నాటికి 2 yrs  సర్వీసు నిండిన Govt/ZP Management లో పనిచేయు టీచర్లు ,HM లు అంతరజిల్లా బదిలీలకు అర్హులు.
★ Spouse  grounds / Mutual  మాత్రమే
★ Spouse Aided/LB/ State &Central Govt/ Cental  &State Public under taking/ universities లో బదిలీ కోరు జిల్లాలో పనిచేస్తూ ఉండాలి.Souse HOD/Secretariat లో పనిచేస్తుంటే Krishna/ Guntur District కు బదిలీ
★ Spouse వారికి Subject to clear vacancy బదిలీ జరుగున
★ Mutual within cader  &Within  management only .ఇద్దరూ Willing ఉండాలి.one to one Mutual మాత్రమే‌అనుమతి.ఒకరు ,ఒకరికి మాత్రమే 
★ అనథికార గైర్హాజరు,Suspension లో ఉన్నవారు ఈ బదిలీ కు అనర్హులు
★ బదిలీలకు CSE website  ద్వారా  online  లో Submit చేయాలి
★ Printout ను original certificates తో కలిపి MEO/DyEO  కు ఇవ్వాలి.వారు Certify చేసి DEO లకు పంపాలి.DEO లు CSE కు  పంపించాలి.CSE వారు  Govt కు పంపాలి
★ ఒక  online Application కు మాత్రమే అనుమతి.That is final

AP Inter–District Transfer of teaching staff of School Education Dept. – Certain Instructions and Guidelines -Schedule

Rc.No.13029/71/2020-EST 3 Dt.24/06/2021

Sub: School Education Dept., – Inter–District Transfer of teaching staff of School Education Dept. – Certain Instructions and Guidelines -Issued.
Read :Govt., Memo.No:1225245/Services.II/A.2/2020, Dated:11.12.2020.

All the Regional Joint Directors of School Education and all the District Educational Officers in the State are informed that, in the reference read above, Government have requested to furnish the proposals for Inter – District Transfer of teachers/Headmasters.
Therefore, the RJDSEs and the District Educational Officers in the state are informed that the requests for inter-district transfers will be processed as per a fied time schedule. Eligible and interested teachers may submit their applications for Inter District transfers on The Inter District Transfer applications will be processed in accordance with the 5(2)(c) of Presidential order on spouse grounds and 5(2)(d) on Mutual grounds requests. The following are the guidelines for inter-district transfers



  1. Teachers / Headmasters working in State Government/ Zilla Parishad/ Mandal Parishad Schools are eligible to apply for InterDistrict Transfers under the same management.
  2. Minimum service of the applicant teacher shall be 2 years as on 30.06.2021 in the present District and in the present category of post.
  3. Teachers whose spouse is working in State Government / Central Government / State Public Sector / Central Public Sector / University / HODs/Secretariats / Local Body are eligible to apply, if there is a clear vacancy of the said category of post (in the same management) is available in the requested district.
  4. Teachers whose spouse is working in HODs/Secretariats can apply for Krishna and Guntur Districts only.
  5. Mutual transfers of the same category and of the same management would be permitted.
  6. In case of Mutual transfers, both the teachers should give consent for such transfer and such consent shall be countersigned by the Mandal Educational Officer/Deputy Educational Ofcer concerned.
  7. One teacher can give consent to only one teacher working in the other district on Mutual basis.
  8. Teachers who are unauthorisedly absent, facing charges under CCA rules, under suspension are not eligible to apply.
  9. The applications of in-eligible teachers and in-complete applications will not be considered.
  10. The teachers concerned shall be responsible for the correctness of the information furnished by them.

2) Process to be followed:

  1. The teachers shall apply through online for Inter District Transfers in the IP address prescribed for the purpose i.e.
  2. Only online application received through the specified website authorized by Director of School Education will be considered at State level.
  3. In addition, the candidates shall also download application form and flled in applications along with sign shall give to the concerned Mandal Educational Officers. (This is only for verification – Hard copies are not processed for transfer).
  4. The M.E.O/HM/Dy.E.O concerned should verify all the details / particulars with original records and certifcates and after satisfying their correctness they shall submit to the District Educational Ofcer.
  5. Once the teacher enters application form online, that is final. No teacher shall apply twice in online.
  6. A declaration shall be given by the applicant that he/she would forego his/her seniority in the old unit and agree to take last rank neit to the last regular candidate in the new unit (district).
  7. The District Educational Officer concerned shall forward the applications of the teachers in the prescribed proforma issued in Government Circular Memo.No.7232/MC-I/GAD/2011, dated: 04.08.2011.
  8. The schedule for submission of on-line applications and further processing there-on at various levels shall be as indicated in Annexure-I.
    (b) On-line applications shall be made in the formats prescribed in Annexure-II
    (c) Such of the requests of teachers / Headmasters who have already submitted their requests for inter-district transfers, whose requests are pending at various levels shall be deemed to have been closed at all levels and they shall apply afresh in the on-line format as per the guidelines now issued under this G.O.
    4) No application for inter-district transfer other than in accordance with
    the orders issued will be considered.

A.P Inter District Transfers of teachers on spouse and mutual grounds Memo Copy -Download Here


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