About Us

About Us
‘ChittoorBadi‘, the name itself discloses the nature of the site. The site is being launched and run by a dedicated Team for teachers, students and educators. We love to share mainly educational information and employees, teacher’s related content in the education world. ChittoorBadi is information about education, students and teachers.

“ChittoorBadi.com” is a website dedicated to providing educational resources and information to support teachers, students, and educators. It has been running since 2011, and is run by a dedicated team who are passionate about sharing information in the education world.

The website covers a wide range of topics related to education, jobs, entrance exams, scholarships, schemes, teachers, finance, technology and guidance, making it a valuable resource for those looking for information and resources in these areas. The mission of “ChittoorBadi.com” is to make learning and education more accessible and enjoyable for everyone.
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The site caters all the requirements of teachers and the students. One mouse click can provide you with all the latest information about government orders related education, competitive examinations, jobs and direct links to other useful sites.

Who visit this our website daily, which makes us feel more responsible. Your wishes and comments always encourage us to work with more commitment.

Our sincere efforts will continue to serve you better with much more useful and reliable information. We take almost care to make this site more useful to viewers. We welcome valuable suggestions from our viewers especially regarding the information they wish to be added.

ChittoorBadi.com is an educational website that provides information and updates related to the education sector, including government jobs, exam notifications, and study materials, for teachers and students across India. The website also offers resources and articles for teachers on various topics such as lesson planning, classroom management, and professional development. ChittoorBadi.com has gained a significant following among the education community in India and is considered a valuable resource for educators.
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